Cadet Flight Sergeant Smith and Wing Commander Penny Brady

Cosford Cadet Appointed RAF Cosford Station Commander’s Cadet 2024/25

RAF Cosford, Friday 9 February 2024

In a testament to her exemplary commitment and outstanding achievements, Cadet Flight Sergeant Smith of 2497 (Cosford) Squadron has been appointed as the RAF Cosford Station Commander’s Cadet for 2024/25.

This coveted role offers Cadet Flight Sergeant Smith a unique opportunity to gain insights into the Royal Air Force and experience life at RAF Cosford. Over the next twelve months, she will accompany Wing Commander Penny Brady, Chartered MCIPD MA BSC RAF, the Station Commander, on various official engagements.

The competition for the Station Commander’s Cadet is rigorous, and Cadet Flight Sergeant Smith’s selection reflects not only her individual merit but also the exceptional standards upheld by the squadron.

“It is both an honour and a privilege to have been selected for the role of Station Commander’s Cadet and am very much look forward to accompanying RAF Cosford’s Station Commander, Wing Commander Brady whilst representing not only Cosford Squadron to my best ability, but also the RAF Air Cadets as an organisation. I am excited to meet new people and expand my knowledge of the RAF during this time. I am really grateful to have been given this amazing opportunity.”

Cadet Flight Sergeant Smith expressing her gratitude for this remarkable opportunity

This appointment marks the third time in recent years that a cadet from the squadron has been honoured with the position of RAF Cosford Station Commander’s Cadet; Cadet Flight Sergeant Weetman in 2017/18 and Cadet Warrant Officer Bryan in 2019/20.

The squadron takes great pride in the achievements of its cadets and remains committed to nurturing future leaders within the RAF Air Cadets.