Ryan Phillips

From May 2024

Kindly note that to serve as Secretary, you must fulfil the requirements of being a trustee, receive a nomination for the position, and secure a majority of votes during our Annual General Meeting for election.

Our Civilian Welfare Committee is formed of trustees who help with the running of the squadron. Trustees can be parents, guardians or friends. Its role is to assist the squadron’s Commanding Officer, raise funds and ensure the squadron maintains direction.

Our trustees meet every three months under the direction of a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

Terms of Reference (Annex K to ACP 11 dated 16 Jun 17)

Primary role objectives/responsibilities

Arranging and administering committee meetings and sub-committee meetings in accordance with regulatory requirements and the governing document.

Main duties
  • Issuing calling notices for meetings and recording apologies for absences.
  • Taking, and later issuing, minutes of meetings.
  • Supporting the committee in fulfilling its duties and responsibilities.
  • Ensuring that new committee members are provided with their introductory letter of responsibilities.
  • Acting as a counter-signatory on non-public account cheques, if required, and authorised in accordance with the bank mandate.
  • If the committee elects to use electronic banking then you are required to monitor transactions and authorise payments.
  • Ensure that a copy of the minutes of all squadron civilian committee meetings is sent to the wing chairman.
  • To raise and maintain a register of all Association members.
  • Inform Wing Headquarters of the names and contact details of newly elected Committee post holders.
  • Maintain a list of names and contact details of all Committee members including their start dates of joining the committee.
  • Ensure that the constitution agreement (ACP 11, Annex A) is signed by at least the majority of Committee members and a signed copy of the signatory page only is forwarded to the Wing Headquarters.
  • Maintain a file of Trustee Declaration Forms signed by each Committee member and ensure that each form is initialled and dated by the member following the AGM held each year.

2497 (Cosford) Squadron Addendum Annex K to ACP 11 dated 16 Jun 17

  • Check their RAFAC approved inbox frequently and respond to correspondence, ideally at
    least once per week.
  • Review any expense claims or external payment requests promptly, ideally within 5 days of
    the request.
  • Ensure any actions or decisions by the committee are tracked and carried out.
  • Invite any person interested in joining the committee to formally apply using the RAFAC
    approved system and keep the local tracker up-to-date.
  • Ensuring that new committee members are provided with access to relevant ACPs and HQ
    RAFAC issued guidance.
Each meeting
  • Email all committee members (using Blind Carbon Copy) a copy of the agenda promptly, ideally 2 weeks before a meeting.
    Email all committee members (using Blind Carbon Copy) a copy of the minutes, Chairperson’s Report, Treasurer’s Report and OC’s Report promptly, ideally 3 weeks after a meeting.

Benefits of being a volunteer

Being a volunteer is rewarding and has a lot of different benefits.

  • learn skills in a range of areas
  • develop leadership qualities
  • personal development

Whatever you decide to focus on, all volunteers gain a huge sense of achievement from helping young people realise their potential.

To be a volunteer you need to

  • Be aged 18 years or more
  • have lived in the UK for a minimum of 3 years
  • commit to attending a 2 hour meeting every three months
  • understand young people and their needs
  • be patient, responsible and kind

We know our volunteers may have families, jobs and hobbies, so we can be flexible and work around other areas of your lives. All we expect in return is clear communication, good organisation and commitment to your squadron.

You do not need

  • a military background or experience
  • experience of working with young people
  • relevant skills like flying or gliding

Typical joining process

  • Submit an expression of interest
  • Invite to complete an online application
  • Have a DBS check
  • Receive a nomination for the position, and secure a majority of votes during our Annual General Meeting for election

The time from initial enquiry through to starting as a volunteer can vary depending on the availability of current volunteers, but on average it takes around three months. This is due to the enquiries that need to be made, including a DBS, as part of our safeguarding checks.

To apply for this job please visit